Do you have enough ponies... your interwebs?

Oh, I'm sorry... I'm asking silly questions with obvious answers! You can never have enough ponies in your interwebs!

This bit of secret unicorn magic, available now for the low low price of zero bits, turns any web page into a jump-n-run platformer, starring none other than everypony's favorite Elements of Harmony! The web is your oyster, so long as you happen to enjoy jumping and running on oysters! Works on Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera and Internet Explorer 9 (usually).

Just take this big button,

and drag it to your bookmarks bar!

(Don't have a bookmarks bar? Just right click it and bookmark the link.)

Then what? Then go to your favorite site, click that link, and ponies.
Ponies in your interwebs.

Don't have a site to play on? Maybe Google, Wikipedia (en), reddit or The Hub will pique your interest?

Want ponies on your web site?

- Instructions -

It's not rocket surgery! Use the arrow keys to move. You can jump, double-jump to power through platforms, and crouch to fall through platforms. Each pony has a special ability, which you can activate by pressing the space key or 'F'. The goal? Defeat the vile diamond dogs and rescue the Cutie Mark Crusaders! Delve deep into the web pit where the dogs are hiding, retrieve the frightened fillies, and bring them back to the surface.

What's that? You're an elite gamer who can't tolerate arrow keys?
Oh fine, you can use WASD too.

- Credits -

Ponies in your Interwebs is the latest incarnation of WebSplat, from the twisted mind of Gregor Richards. The code (hg or git) and data are freely available.

The images used in-game are mostly stolen borrowed lifted by dubiously-legal means from Adventure Ponies.

The images used on this site are from
exe2001 and videogamesizzle on deviantART.